Stephanie Howard Editorial Services


Steph is a delight to work with. She is friendly, super flexible and very thorough in her editorial work. I would highly recommend her!

Katherine Butler
Senior Content Producer

I strongly recommend Stephanie! She is very friendly, thorough and pro-active. Always professional, she works to the highest standards. Working with her is a pleasure.

Magda Opalinska
Content Developer, Primary ELT

I’ve worked with Steph on a number of products for Primary ELT and would thoroughly recommend her as an editor. Her work is always meticulous and delivered on time, and she can be relied upon to work independently or collaboratively as the project requires. Recently, she has been working closely with a new editor in my team, who praised how easy she has found it to work with Steph, and how she feels her own editorial skills have developed as a result of working with such a capable and experienced freelancer.

Rebecca Winthrop
Commissioning Editor

It’s always a pleasure to work with Steph. She’s very experienced and very flexible – always willing to do her best to work around schedule changes, etc. It feels like she is a member of the in-house project team when you work with her. She is very considerate when it comes to sending queries, making sure she batches them or offers to attend meetings where that would be most efficient.

Jane Holt
Commissioning Editor