Stephanie Howard Editorial Services

A highly competent and organised publishing professional with significant experience in publishing and as an ELT teacher. Flexible, efficient, and reliable, with a proven track record of ensuring that materials are tailored to market needs, of a consistently high quality, and delivered on time and to budget.


I have spent my career in ELT, initially as a teacher and Director of Studies, and more recently in ELT publishing. With 10 years’ experience in each of these areas, I have an excellent understanding not only of students’ and teachers’ needs, but also of the process of creating materials which will meet those needs. I relish the challenge of developing materials which are fresh, engaging and interesting, as well as easy to use and effective.

Although I have experience in all sectors, I specialise in Pre-Primary and Primary materials.

Education & qualifications

BA (Hons) 2:1
Modern European Languages (French, German, Spanish ab initio)
University of Durham (2000)

British Language Centre, Madrid (2004)

UCLES CELTA (Pass Grade B)
University of Durham Language Centre (2000)

I offer the following services:

Content- and copy-editing of proofs through all stages to signoff, including providing AW, photo and audio feedback.

Manuscript development, including liaising with and providing feedback to authors.

Content- and copy-editing of manuscripts, including preparing AW and photo briefs and audio scripts.

Mapping and manuscripting of digital materials, and checking and providing feedback on releases.

If you’d like to discuss an upcoming project, please get in touch.



Freelance Experience

As a freelance Editor, I have worked on a wide variety of titles for publishers including Pearson, Cambridge University Press, Macmillan, Oxford University Press, and Richmond.

I have worked on materials for the Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary and Adult sectors, including both international titles and market-specific materials for countries such as Spain, Italy, and Saudi Arabia.

I have been involved in the creation of print materials at all stages from concept development and liaising with authors, through the proof stages to final signoff.

I have also been involved in the mapping and manuscripting of digital materials, as well as checking releases for both content and functionality.


In-House Experience
Macmillan Education (2011–2016)

Commissioning Editor (2015–2016); Senior Managing Editor (2014–2015); Managing Editor (2011–2014)

My time at Macmillan gave me extensive experience of editorial and project management work, as well as a thorough understanding of other aspects of the publishing process. I worked on a wide variety of projects, both brand new titles and versions, in both British and American English, for Spanish and International Primary and Pre-Primary markets.

As a Managing Editor, my role was a very broad one, covering both Content Development and Project Management. As such, I developed a wide range of skills including developing manuscripts, content- and copy-editing proofs, managing budgets, contracting and managing freelance editors, and liaising with Design and other departments to manage schedules.

As Commissioning Editor, I led the editorial teams on a number of very successful projects, ensuring that the materials were suitable for the markets and of the highest possible quality.


The following are some titles with which I’ve been heavily involved.
(Current and ongoing projects are not listed here.)


Big Wheel, Mimi’s Wheel,
Ferris Wheel

Pre-Primary (all levels)
Macmillan, 2019

Commissioning Editor role. I played a key part in the concept development, liaising closely with the author throughout. I also led the PB manuscript development for all levels, and led author feedback meetings. I edited the lead level PB throughout its development, including all editorial work on AWs, photos, audio, and animations. I managed the proof stages of all TBs.


Doodle Town

Pre-Primary (all levels)
Macmillan, 2017

Commissioning Editor role. I led the editorial team. I also edited the SBs, WBs and TBs. I wrote supplementary materials, including assessment materials, extra activity ideas, and letters to parents.


Power Up Start Smart

Primary (Starter level)
CUP, 2019

Development Editor role. I was responsible for the PB, including AW and audio, throughout the manuscript development and proof stages.


Cambridge Primary
Path Tests

Primary (level 5)
CUP, 2019

I wrote unit, end-of-term and end-of-year tests.


New Tiger

Primary (all levels)
Macmillan, 2018

Acting Commissioning Editor role. I led the editorial team and contracted and managed other freelance editors. I developed the PB manuscripts, AW briefs, and audio and video scripts. I also mapped and manuscripted the sample unit of digital materials which became the model for all other units/levels.



Primary (all levels)
Macmillan, 2017

I led the editorial team and contracted and managed other freelance editors. I also content- and copy-edited PB and TB proofs, prepared audio and video scripts, and attended recording sessions. On the digital side, I mapped and manuscripted digital materials, and checked releases.


Own It! Practice Extra

Secondary (levels 1 & 2)
CUP, 2019

I wrote digital practice materials to accompany the course, including grammar and vocabulary practice, and video comprehension and extension activities.


ESO Tests for Catalonia

Secondary (levels 3 & 4)
OUP, 2016

I wrote practice tests for External Exam preparation.


Before moving into publishing, I spent ten years as an ELT teacher, Team Leader and Director of Studies both in Spain and in the UK. I taught children aged 5–16, and adults at levels A1–C2, both in groups and 1:1, and in Exam Preparation as well as General English classes.


OISE Oxford Executive Centre

Director of Studies (2007–2010)

OISE Oxford delivers bespoke, short term intensive courses to executive clients, combining tailored 1:1 classes and small-group lessons.

As Director of Studies, I had overall responsibility for the Academic side of the school. My role included assessing each client’s needs, matching them with the appropriate tutors, and creating an overall centre timetable each week which made sure that each client’s needs were fully met. I also recruited and supported teachers in delivering the bespoke classes that clients needed.


OISE Young Learners'
Summer Schools

Academic Co-ordinator (2005–2007)

OISE Young Learners runs multiple summer schools across the UK for learners aged 7–17.

I wrote the five Lesson Plan Packs which form the basis of all lessons taught across the centres. Each level (Junior, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced) comprised three weeks of lessons covering Grammar, Reading/Listening, Vocabulary, Speaking, and Writing/Fluency.

I also recruited and gave induction training to around 150 teachers across 14 centres each summer, as well as visiting the centres and observing and supporting teachers as the courses were running.


Windsor Idiomas (Madrid)

Team Leader, Primary Courses (2004–2005)

As well as teaching a variety of students, I coordinated and supported the teachers teaching Primary-aged children. This involved providing a mentoring service, lesson observations, and training.

Teacher (2002–2004)

I taught children aged 5–16, adults at levels A2–C2, and exam preparation classes (FCE, CAE, CPE).


Briam Instituto (Madrid)

Teacher (2000–2002)

I taught children aged 10–16, and adults at levels A1–B2.



Steph is a delight to work with. She is friendly, super flexible and very thorough in her editorial work. I would highly recommend her!

Katherine Butler, Senior Content Producer


I strongly recommend Stephanie! She is very friendly, thorough and pro-active. Always professional, she works to the highest standards. Working with her is a pleasure.

Magda Opalinska, Content Developer, Primary ELT


I’ve worked with Steph on a number of products for Primary ELT and would thoroughly recommend her as an editor. Her work is always meticulous and delivered on time, and she can be relied upon to work independently or collaboratively as the project requires. Recently, she has been working closely with a new editor in my team, who praised how easy she has found it to work with Steph, and how she feels her own editorial skills have developed as a result of working with such a capable and experienced freelancer.

Rebecca Winthrop, Commissioning Editor


It’s always a pleasure to work with Steph. She’s very experienced and very flexible – always willing to do her best to work around schedule changes, etc. It feels like she is a member of the in-house project team when you work with her. She is very considerate when it comes to sending queries, making sure she batches them or offers to attend meetings where that would be most efficient.

Jane Holt, Commissioning Editor